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Prevent Falls in the Bathroom

fall prevention in bathroom Did You Know?

Approximately 235,000 people over the age of 15 visit the emergency room EACH YEAR for injuries that occurred in the bathroom

More than 81% of these injuries are caused by falls

Seniors are most likes to fall near the toilet. In fact, 19.3% of injuries amongst people aged 65-74 took place on or near the toilet.

So, What Can You Do?

1. Install grab bars

prevent injuries by installing grab bars near the toilet as well as inside and outside the tub.

2. Use non-skid mats on the shower or tub floor

Also, consider a shower stall that eliminates the lip at the edge and uses a shower seat to decrease your risk of a fall

3. Keep a slip-proof floor

Carpeting the bathroom floor is the safest option, but this can also harbor mold and mildew, so it may not be the best option.

Use non-skid area rugs and make sure the edges are not frayed or damaged. Always wipe up spills on hard surfaces to prevent slipping

4. Use a raised toilet seat

You can physically install a raised toilet seat, or use on of the portable ones. This can make it easier for seniors to get up and down.

5. Have adequate lighting

Falls occur when people cannot see properly. This problem is compounded when the senior has glaucoma, cataracts or other vision problems. Consider installing a night light for easy toileting at night. Also install a light that is easy to turn on and off – especially in the middle of the nights. You may even want to get motion-censored lights.

6. Use contrasting colors

contrasting colors make it easier to avoid accidents. Choose brightly colored shower curtains and different color tiles for the floor and wall.

Your safety is important. If you want help remaining safe in your home, give us a call today! We can do a free assessment of your space to see what you might need to improve.

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